Digital Passport Photos in 5 minutes! The new laws regarding obtaining a new passport became effective June 1, 2009.  All U.S. Citizens will now need a passport to travel to Canada, Mexico or the Bahamas and for any international land and sea travel. This requires passport photos that meet the strict US State Department specifications and guidelines.passport photo

What can I use a Passport Photo for?

In minutes, photos can be taken to meet any number of needs

  • U.S. and Foreign Passports
  • New Passport cards
  • Green cards/Immigration cards/Work Permits
  • Visas for any country
  • Employment ID
  • Student ID
  • Professional Applications – Doctiors, Nurses, Pharmacists, CPA’s etc.
  • Other identification purposes

What size photos can I take?

Most passport photos including the U.S. are 2″ X 2″.  However, our passport photos can be customized to meet the size requirements of any country, consulate or agency.  Sizes can range from 1″ X 1″ (23 X 23 mm) to 4″ X 6″ (151 X 101.6 mm) and photos can be taken in Black and White or Color as required.

Our Photos are taken in various sizes with the same state of the art camera equipment used by the Department of Homeland Security, and meets all regulations imposed by any governmental or state agency.  This is the reason that the nearly 100% acceptance rate of the pictures taken at A1 Passport Photo Services far exceed the poor quality inexpensive pictures taken at local discount stores and pharmacies, that are often rejected.

What about Passport Photos for my children?

A1’s Photographers are experienced in capturing photos of children from newborns on up.  They have been successful in taking good passport pictures of fussy, distracted and crying babies much to the surprise of their parents.

Where do I get a Passport Application?

Avoid the long lines at the Post office and download your passport application by clcking on the link below. habla espanol

Download and Print a Passport Registration or Renewal Application.

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